Marcie Page | Baby Sign Language StrategistHey there! My name is Marcie Paige and I am busy, full-time stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. My home business adventure started with Baby Grins (now re-branded as, an online baby store, in 2007. It was a very exciting year for me, starting my first business and expecting the birth of my second daughter in June that same year.

During my first 4 years of running Baby Grins/Savvy Mom Finds, I learned a lot about how to build and operate an online business. Along the way I also met a lot of other business owners and realized that running an online retail store was not the only type of business I could successfully run out of the comfort of my own home.

As my kids got older, my interests began to change and grow, and I found myself being drawn back into my love for sign language. I successfully used baby sign language with both of my daughters and I realized that teaching baby sign language was a passion I wanted to follow. In July 2012 Baby Sign Studio was born!

I feel strongly about pushing you to be more actively involved with your children’s day-to-day activities, have a better understanding of how your kids think and feel, and provide you with the right steps to rock your mom status and raise amazing kids at the same time!

A Little Look At The Formal Stuff:

After high school I persued a career as an American Sign Language interpreter, however, life got in the way and I was unable to complete the full program. I then completed a business administration and accounting program and worked as an administrative assistant and bookkeeper until my first daughter was born in 2005.

I then became a full-time stay-at-home mom (which I LOVE!). It was the best decision I’ve ever made and if I had it to do all over again I wouldn’t change a thing.

My love for american sign language has never subsided. I successfully used baby sign language with both of my daughters and I continue to study and expand my knowledge and skills with american sign language + baby sign language in my free time.

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Now that we’ve got all the professional stuff out of the way, here is a little behind the scenes look…

10 things you don’t know about me:

  1. I usually have about 10 projects on the go at one time (personal or business).
  2. I fell in love with American Sign Language when I was in elementary school even though I didn’t know anyone who was deaf or could sign.
  3. I learned to knit and crochet when I was very young, I was in grade 5 when I knit my first baby sweater.
  4. I’m a very do-it-myself kind of person. I dabble in a lot of different things such as scrapbooking, sewing, piano, guitar, violin and web design. Almost everything I’ve learned is either self taught (Google is my best friend!) or learned from a family member.
  5. I’ve always known I wanted to be be an entrepreneur. As a teenager I was constantly scheming up ideas for a project. I made and sold jewelry, mittens, baby clothing and quilts.
  6. I am NOT a morning person. I hate having to get up in the mornings to get my daughter off to school. But I absolutely LOVE everything else about being a mom.
  7. I prefer to live in the country, I don’t like stepping out my front door and being able to see my neighbor.
  8. Now that I am an entrepreneur and work from home I struggle to ‘leave my work at work’.
  9. I prefer to pig out on fruits and berries rather than junk food and I feel like I’ve just eaten a treat.
  10. I would LOVE to take a salsa dance class with my husband but he says ‘no way!’ (oh, well. Maybe some day!)

Official Bio:

Marcie Paige is a creative and engaging baby sign language strategist and positive parenting advocate. Marcie creates baby sign strategy plans for new moms that are, fun, engaging and powerfully effective. The result: a warm and content home free of obsessive crying, temper tantrums and misbehaviour. A true reflection of how we dream our experience of being new mom will be.

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